Lime & Ash

Industrial By Products provides top quality lime, ash, and topsoil to farmers.

When wood burns it leaves behind calcium, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements remain. The carbonates and oxides in our lime and ash are valuable agents that can raise pH and help neutralize acid soils.

To determine exactly how much your fields need, we provide soil analysis for our customers, or we can work with an analysis you’ve already had done.

View the Chemical Analysis of our Ash and Lime below:

Chemical Analysis

Copper 66.8 1.6
Nickel 11.2 3.6
Zinc 1,270 9.5
Boron 173 2.2
Calcium 327,000 405,000
Iron 8,750 977
Magnesium 16,000 6,870
Phosphorus 5,280 255
Potassium 34,400 262
Sodium 1,910 6,160
All values ppm 0.002 x ppm = pounds of element/ton of material
Lime ENP 1432


Composted Black Dirt

Industrial By Products provides top of the line topsoil with our rich Composted Black Dirt.